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About Us

GK&CO. Kukri House is the finest and largest Manufacturing and Making traditional way to kukris in Nepal. the prime object to this company is to promote Nepalese handmade products, preserve historical icon from being vanished and to support those families who are this business. All the crafts GK&CO. Kukri House  carry are Handmade by skilled artists using the top quality materials in a very traditional way with predictable hand tools in and around in Nepal.
Each of our knives is handcrafted one-at-a-time by a traditional caste of smiths called Kami, Each kukris in our factory takes several Kami a full day to make by hand, utilizing both modern and centuries-old techniques of the metal smiths art.
These knives are the real thin true, authentic kukuris: GK&CO. Kukri House is proud to have supplied the British Armies  crack Gurkha regiments with the kukris that they use in both drill and battle, world-wide. 

The company has registered in Nepal & United States. It imports all its own products directly from Nepal to the United States and distributes to wholesalers, retailers as well as retail online through its online store.